IMN provides an opportunity for relationship and cooperative ministries. We believe in and work to connect ministers and ministries for a greater global impact. 

In the US, there are currently over 15 English and Hispanic churches and ministers that participate in the IMN network.  These churches benefit from cooperation, mentorship and fellowship with other IMN ministries and ministers for the purpose of advancing God’s kingdom and making disciples of all nations.

Ordination, license and covering are available through IMN. To join, you can complete the applications online or you can print the forms to fill out at your convenience.

Graduates in Zimbabwe!

Graduates in Zimbabwe!

IMN has partnered with International School of Ministry to establish a network of Bible colleges.  We currently have Bible Schools in Nepal, Zimbabwe and Philippines; and working to expand into India, Ivory Coast and several nations in Latin America!  Graduates of ISOM Bible colleges finish the 18 month program with an accredited associates degree in Biblical studies and are equipped for practical ministry.  IMN supports many of our graduates to enable them to plant churches, expanding the reach of the Gospel of Jesus.

The work in the Philippines centers around a feeding program for Children.  During the meal, the Gospel is presented and parents and family in attendance often respond by accepting Jesus as Lord and Savior.  As they grow in their faith, some decide to pursue ministry and attend our ISOM Bible college. 

In Nepal, we have Bible colleges and a community of over 50 congregations working together to reach the Nepalese people with the Gospel.  Likewise, in Zimbabwe, the community of congregations are supported by 7 Bible schools, training leaders to continue to make disciples in this beloved nation.

 We hope that sharing what God is doing in the nations is an encouragement to your faith.  We invite you to participate and support reaching the nations with the Good News of Jesus!